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The M Word Episode IV

The M Word Episode IV

The M Word Episode IV: Interview with Bobby Calloway

I caught up with a good friend in this week’s episode. A mainstay of this blog, Bobby Calloway! Great as always to catch up with this dude as his life lately seems to be full of exciting adventures. Check out the interview below.

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Q. I suppose there’s only one place to start, “Gumdrops”. Where did the idea materialize for this comedy series? And talk us through how it’s been getting this project off the ground, so to speak.

Bobby Calloway: Well the idea was inspired by two sets of girls I knew back in college. There was this trio who were always together and you rarely saw one without the other two. I randomly nicknamed them ‘The Gumdrops’ one day and it actually stuck (people would ask “are the Gumdrops coming out tonight?”) The second set was a group of friends who lived across the hall from my friends. You’ve met the girl Laura, Rebecca’s character, was based on. I loved being around them because they had this amazing energy, and it was sometimes like life was on fast-forward. I can remember one day thinking that they would make great characters in something, and I started developing the idea from that I suppose. There were more in the group than the four depicted in the series – so the others might show up as guest characters at some point.

The two boyfriends and the landlady are completely made up – though I suppose there are aspects of other people I knew in everyone. I wanted to play one of them myself – hence the not-so-subtle naming choice ‘Robbie’ – but I decided to keep myself sane by just directing and only popping up occasionally as ‘Cousin Marty’. Rebecca Rose Flynn, I knew beforehand from other No WiFi films and she was supposed to have a role in my short High & Tight but she couldn’t make the filming day. The next time we saw each other, we joked about doing something together – and I really wanted to see her in a comedy. The role of Laura was written for her, specifically to be someone a bit more exaggerated. It’s a new role for her – she’s mainly done serious dramas before – and on set I’m always encouraging her to be bigger and more over-the-top because that’s who she is. And she always delivers. The last time we had her on set, we couldn’t call cut because she was so funny we weren’t able to speak!

Kaireht’s character Sadia was written for her too – I’ve worked with her about three times at this point (we were in High & Tight and we both star in the upcoming Spears). My friend Greg said after seeing some episodes “I think she’s just playing herself there” – but I told him it’s the complete opposite. She’s a very sensible and grounded woman who just flips a switch and becomes Sadia so effortlessly. It doesn’t even feel like I’m watching her – I just see the character. Ellen who plays Lindsay I’d done two plays with and I’d actually shown her a couple of the scripts long before I asked her to come on board. In fact, her casting really had an influence on the way I wrote the character. In the first episode written, I envisioned Lindsay as a sort of dumb blonde who the other girls bully. Ellen, however, has a sweetness to her that lets you know she’s an angel, but she won’t take s*** from anyone – so Lindsay then became the sane character who gives as good as she gets. She’s an actress who always has fun stories from plays or auditions, and a few of them will work their way into the script. Ingrid who plays Roisin was someone who used to wrestle with me back in the day, and she contacted me asking for advice on getting into acting. I’ve enjoyed having her in the series so much; she always goes the extra mile to make things better. The episode I was in was so much fun because she’s so great to work with. She never missed a line, and even watching the rushes back she did so many little things that had us all howling. The others – Corey, James, and Sandi – were all good friends I wanted to give roles to.

The series has been in development since at least November. I wrote the ‘Miss Lucy’ script and sat on it for months, telling myself “yeah I might do this as a series” but last winter I finally got to work on it. We had lots of setbacks with cast members dropping out and schedule conflicts – the first episode chronologically was actually the fourth one filmed because it was that hard to get everyone available on the same day. But that’s the industry – we roll with the punches and adapt. I’m so lucky to have such a great cast and an amazing crew who are very patient with me and always help me to learn and improve. I got very humbled after we finished ‘Miss Lucy’. The day after that was a No WiFi meeting, and Anthony our sound guy singled me out saying “I just want to say that the shoot yesterday was really well-organized and there was good management of time. It’s a bit of craic.”

Q. If you won the Euro-Millions, what would be the first thing you’d buy and why?

Bobby Calloway: If I won the Euro Millions…damn, I’m so boring, I’d probably just put it away so I could live comfortably. I might take a holiday or put some of it towards financing a film project. But being an actor has taught me the value of a cent, so financial security is more attractive to me than an extravagant purchase. The money would probably slowly get spent on business items.

Q. If someone wrote a story about you, would you be considered to be the Hero or the Villain? Furthermore, in your own honest opinion given the choice which would you prefer to be?

Bobby Calloway: It depends on who’s writing the story. There are a few stories where I’d definitely be the villain, but these days I do try to be the hero or scene-stealing mentor at least. I’d love to be the villain that gets redeemed, because who doesn’t love that kind of story?

Q. What does a typical day in the life of “Bobby Calloway” look like?

Bobby Calloway: I set my alarm for 7.15 but whether I actually get out of bed at that time depends on my mood. I have breakfast and check immediate emails and messages before usually going for a walk. If I have some editing to do then I tackle that at some point or record a new video. If I have a project coming up, I spend time learning lines, making sure all my dates are in order and I know where I’m going. I’m working on breaking into more voice over work, so I’m taking online classes at Gravy For The Brain – but I have been slacking off there as of late. Obviously, I’m applying for any castings I see or doing self-tapes whenever the opportunity comes up. If I have to be in the city for an audition or a shoot, I usually use that time to do some writing. If there’s a Gumdrops filming day to organize, there are a few people to check in with and plans to be made in advance too. I also have to find time to squeeze in an hour for a workout. All this in theory, but I do have my lazy days where I lose two hours reading nonsense on the internet.

Q. As a former Wrestler, what would you say drew you to it? And if given the chance would you go back and do it all over again?

Bobby Calloway: I suppose the excitement of wrestling drew me to it. Obviously, when a big action sequence is done in film, there’s multiple takes and angles and all these special effects and CGI – but with wrestling, it’s all done there in the ring. You have this intense battle that the fans are really into – and it’s all live right then and there. The performing aspect was great as well; I always loved it when you could tell a story and bring some acting into it. I probably wouldn’t go back since I’ve been out of the game four years now and I don’t really miss it. Some wrestlers have the bug and itch to get back in the ring and bump around. For me, acting and directing fulfills that creative outlet, and I’m better suited to those than I was to the ring. I’m glad to have done it and grateful to every lesson it taught me, but that ship has sailed now.

Q. What is your honest opinion on award ceremonies such as “The Oscars and The Academy Awards”, etc?

Bobby Calloway: I’m kind of neutral on award ceremonies, to be honest. Once I became aware of ‘Oscar Bait’, I stopped caring about them as much as I used to – as a lot of the time it can be less about honoring those who have made a meaningful contribution to the world of cinema and more about awarding films made to tick certain boxes regardless of quality. For me, I’m just focused on getting better at my craft and doing good work – and I won’t lose sleep if I never win an award for it. But if someone wants to give me an award or honor a film that I loved, I’ll be very pleased.

Q. If you could pick someone to narrate “The life and times of Bobby Calloway”, whom would you choose and why?

Bobby Calloway: Channing Tatum! The dude is my hero and I’d love to hear him narrate my life. He’d probably have a lot of fun reading that weird stage at age 4 when I kept looking up women’s skirts (blame my grandmother, according to Momma Calloway).

Q. Are you a music guy? If so, what is your favorite band and/or singer?

Bobby Calloway: I am a music guy but the weird thing is I don’t have bands or artists that I follow. I did as a child but these days I just listen to whichever song is stuck in my head at the moment. For example “Be Yourself” by Audioslave is my favorite song but I don’t listen to any of their other stuff. I did follow Oasis a bit in my teen years, and I have a lot of Pink songs that I love though…

Q. What advice would you give to someone thinking of becoming an actor?

Bobby Calloway: I actually posted something on Facebook a while ago on lessons I’d learned from my two years in the industry. But I always emphasize the importance of hard work and dedication. Ignore what everyone else is doing and focus on working as hard as you possibly can, and not letting rejections or setbacks get to you. The basics are important – good quality headshot, well-formatted CV, showreel that does not go past 2.30 (everyone thinks they’re the actor who can get away with a 3-minute reel). But beyond that, it’s all about working hard and being as professional as you can be. That doesn’t mean covering up your dirty laundry and projecting this artificial image of yourself to the world; it means doing your job, treating everyone with kindness and respect, and helping out others whenever you can. The rest will sort itself out.

Q. And in closing. What do you hope to accomplish by this time next year?

Bobby Calloway: I’ll have completed my first feature film Spearsso I hope to make the most out of having that to point to. The Gumdrops I plan to have shot more episodes of and some other projects I want to get greenlit. And of course, further towards achieving my voiceover dreams. I also hope to be happy and hard-working and enjoying life as I am now.





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The M Word Episode III

The M Word Episode III: Interview With “Mr. Charlie”



In this week’s episode, I’d a sitdown interview with “Mr. Charlie”. It was great to pick his brain and enjoyable to catch up. Check it out below!!

Q. Stereotypical first-time question given to any/all Professional Wrestlers by interviewers. What drew you to Wrestling, where did it begin and when did you decide that you wanted to do this?

Mr. Charlie: Time for a stereotypical answer. Obviously, it all started from being a massive wrestling fan growing up. The first introduction I had to wrestling was from Smackdown 1 on the PlayStation that I used to borrow off my cousin. From then I started watching highlights every weekend until I started watching it religiously ever week up to this day. I always imagined what it would be like to be in the WWE and would imagine myself doing it. Then I saw there was a school in Cork so eventually after a while of deliberating I eventually took the plunge and said I’d go for it! 5 years later here I am!

Q. “Mr. Charlie” is quite a unique and interesting character, to say the least, where did the premise or brainstorming ideas come from for this character. Take us through the journey from creation to the finished article?

Mr. Charlie: Mr. Charlie has gone through a lot of work and brainstorming and polishing since I initially said I’d try something different. He went from being a standard tv host to a kid’s TV host and went through a few name changes. Every week in training I would try something different and new, case and point the box. I came up with the idea of the mystery box and tried it in training and it went down well so I kept it. I credit a lot to the guys at Phoenix who would always suggest ideas to help me polish the character every week.

Q. Favourite all-time Wrestling pay per view/event? And why?

Mr. Charlie: That’s a really difficult question, I don’t think I have one stand out favorite! but Wrestlemanias 19 and 28, Money in The Bank 2011 and NXT Takeover 25 are some of my top picks. AEW’s recent PPVs have been great shows too.

Q. Whom in your opinion has been your favourite person to share a ring with? Or do you have a favourite match of yours that you would like to share/shed some light on?

Mr. Charlie: I have been lucky enough through my time in wrestling to have been in the ring with some Irish wrestling legends like Vic Viper and The Ballymun Bruiser and I learned a lot from my time with them. In terms of matches, a highlight for me was at Phoenix’s Bedlams Big Birthday Bash where I was the tag partner of B-Cool, this is because it was the first time I debuted the Mr Charlie character in front of an over 18’s audience for the first time, I wasn’t sure how I was going to be received but I was surprised to receive a great reaction from the crowd. It meant a lot.

Q. Some would be led to believe that Bray Wyatt stole your gimmick (cue the laughter), any credence to those rumours? And what is your opinion on “The Fiend” character currently on display in the WWE at the moment?

Mr. Charlie: Obviously, he did!! No, being seriously it was a serious coincidence that happened to come at the worst time possible, I had just started getting comfortable with the character and getting it out there and then Bray Wyatt comes on WWE TV doing his own kids TV show, called the Firefly Funhouse and it seemed every week he was stealing an idea I had! I was worried that I would have to stop the character entirely, but luckily enough for me, a few people noticed and tweeted that he copied me! And thankfully with a few slight changes, I could continue.

In terms of the Fiend, I’m loving everything about it, the presentation, the entrance and the pure horror movie feel when he appears and attacks a legend. It’s one of the most exciting characters in all of wrestling right now and I hope he succeeds because he is an amazing talent.

Q. If you could pick any Wrestler from past or present to step into the ring with, whom would you choose and why?

Mr. Charlie: Since you brought it up, I suppose I would like to be in the ring with Bray Wyatt since he stole my gimmick I’d need to defend it! Although I think The Fiend would be a great challenge. It would be an interesting match, to say the least!

Q. Phoenix Wrestling truly exceeded all expectations in its first year. In your opinion, what makes it so special and what do you attribute to its success so far?

Mr. Charlie: I think what attributed to the success of Phoenix was that from the start it was a pure team effort. From the initial launch campaign up to the first show in the kino everyone worked together to make it the best show it could be, and the attendance that night proved it paid off. Throughout the year Phoenix would always primarily focus on local Irish or homegrown Cork talent and some of the best matches you would see anywhere. I’m delighted to be a part of it.

Q. What’s in the box??????

Mr. Charlie: I can’t reveal that here, … question!!

Q. “Here Comes The Pain” or “No Mercy”? What is the better video game?

Mr. Charlie: I actually never played No Mercy, as I said my first time seeing wrestling was from Smackdown 1, so I’ve primarily played the Smackdown series of games so for that reason I’d have to say Here Comes The Pain.

Q. Any goals for the next year that you would like to accomplish or have set in motion to achieve?

Mr. Charlie: My main goal or aim for the next year is to become a mainstay on the Phoenix roster, be the one character that has to be on each and every show. I’d also love to get the chance to perform in other promotions around the country, obviously being on a show for OTT would be amazing.



Instagram: @whatsintheboxmrcharlie


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The Rebelz Report

The Rebelz Report: Episode II

The Wrestle-Hero Rebelz lads are back with another installment of “The Rebelz Report”, where the lads discuss the top stories in wrestling during the week. 


“Here’s Johnny!!”

Shod: This seemed to come out of complete left field!! I hadn’t even heard of any rumblings that ‘John Morrison’ was even interested in a return the WWE, but here we are with Morrison quite possibly returning to the “E”, for the first time in eight long years might I add. It’s sure going to be an intriguing return, to say the least!

The prospect of Morrison locking up with the likes of Styles, Nakamura, Balor, Rollins, etc is almost a wrestling fan’s wet dream. Or putting Morrison into an already stacked NXT locker room/roster would be another idea. Adam Cole versus John Morrison, now that would be quite the main event for the next NXT Takeover event!

No matter what they decide to do or wherever they decide to place Morrison, this is a very interesting move on WWE’s part bringing Morrison back into the fold. Although guaranteed it isn’t going to be the only out of left field move that is made during the war between WWE and AEW. I foresee many more shots being fired!

Safety D: Of everything that happened in the wrestling world during the week, I have to say John Morrison returning to WWE is the most surprising development!

He was doing great on the indie scene, having success in Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling – his reign as Impact World Champion being the longest in the last 7 years. I would’ve thought him signing with AEW to be the next move for his career. The question is, how will he be booked upon return? Like Curt Hawkins and EC3? Like Drew McIntyre? I’m more afraid than eager to find out.

“Time To Shake Things Up Around Here”

Shod: With another “WWE Draft” looming on the horizon, the shakeup will be felt in a much bigger way than before that’s for sure. This time around the announce teams get in on the action and will be involved in the thick of it from the get-go!

Keeping Graves, Cole and Renee Young together is a smart move. Although moving all three together to ‘Smackdown On Fox’ shows how they are viewing Smackdown going forward. It’s almost like Smackdown is now the “A Show”, just going off the movement they’re making for the brand as it moves to Friday nights on the Fox network. Putting the “A Show” announce team over to Smackdown, as well as adding a draw the level and caliber of  ‘Brock Lesnar’ speaks volumes about they view Smackdown going forward.

On the flip side of the coin, giving Vic Joseph the platform of being the ‘Play by Play Guy’ on the Raw brand is a massive promotion for that dude!! Although adding Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler to help him out is going to help Joseph out massively. And this platform will do wonders for newcomer Dio Maddin also. Intriguing times lie ahead for the voice of the brands.

And it goes without saying that whilst Mauro Ranallo was deserving of a promotion, taking him off NXT would have been downright criminal to do right now!

Safety D: Some speculation was spot on – Michael Cole & Renee Young moving to Smackdown and Vic Joseph moving to Raw – while other decisions were quite unexpected. Smackdown essentially becoming the A-show on FOX with the entire Raw commentary team being drafted over is the kind of treatment the blue brand has deserved for so long!

And from what I’m aware of, the NXT team of Ranallo, McGuiness and Beth Phoenix is unchanged, which is the best for that brand. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and NXT will thrive for a long time as is. And Raw… well, it has a true chance to birth some new stars with a bulk of star power on Smackdown, but could also go the other way – where it was in the first quarter of the year and before. This is all still exciting news, the landscape is changing!

“Hell Yeah”

Shod: This particular piece of news was very intriguing to me when I read it earlier today!! Now, of course, you’ve to weigh up the two sides of the coin with this. On the one hand yeah, Hell Yeah even, I’d love to see Austin come back for one more match, but that brings with it more questions than answers. Is he good to go? Is it safe for him to come back? Would it backfire? Now obviously only the man himself would be able to answer those type of questions because no one knows their own body than the person whose body it is naturally.

Austin coming back for that one more match would need to be handled with more delicate care than the WWE has shown with some of their decisions in recent years. Sure Vince can be credited with being an absolute genius and a visionary in his own lifetime, but that’s not to say that he doesn’t get it wrong now and again. Putting on Reigns/Cena at a throwaway pay per view like No Mercy, waiting too long to do Cena/Undertaker and then having it be a squash wasn’t the most logical idea either for a match of that magnitude and recently there was the colossal of fuckery that was Undertaker/Goldberg. So I reiterate that quite possibly the biggest return one-off match in wrestling history needs to be handled with care if it were to ever happen. Sure there’s a slew of opponents that would no doubt line up for a match with Austin. But picking the right opponent that makes the most sense would need to be considered and not just throwing someone the likes of Baron Corbin in there for the sake of it. If there were ever a match to bring CM Punk back for, this would surely be it!

Safety D: I think fans could be getting ahead of themselves. Just because a legend feels like they have at least one more match in them doesn’t mean they’ll have one, nor were his comments a foreshadowing of any kind. It might happen, it mightn’t happen. Hopes are going upward but the conversation hasn’t changed in any way.

“Friday Night: Lights, Camera, Action”

Shod: Now this a move that I’ve been waiting for, for quite a while to be fair. A Wrestling show back on Friday nights sure makes things interesting again and brings back that nostalgic sort of factor. Watching wrestling on Friday nights was always a highlight for me growing up.

Moving Smackdown to the Fox network is a huge move and WWE are certainly treating it as such with how they’re promoting and stacking the brand up leading to the Debut on Fox. Stars the caliber of Lesnar having his first match on Smackdown in over 15 years sure is a selling point, Fox wanting to give the show more of a professional sports feel will be a nice change from the goofy poop jokes that have belittled WWE lately and over the course of the last few years. A huge ladder match between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon with serious implications for the future of the brand at stake brings another element to this stacked debut on Fox for the Smackdown brand! Intriguing times lie ahead that’s for sure, Friday night wrestling is back baby!

Safety D: As I said, Smackdown’s getting some serious star power and is essentially becoming the A-show, it’s a welcome change after being in Raw’s shadow for as long as it has been even when the quality was substantially better. No longer will it be underrated while on FOX. I have high hopes.

“The Backtrack”

Shod: I don’t even know where to begin with this one….

The fact that it’s early stages for AEW and they’re already back-tracking with promises to their fanbase isn’t a good sign and I’m sure not something they wanted to do. Now obviously it’s down to TV live issues, advertisement issues, etc. But why come out and state something is going to happen and then have to back-track because now you can’t make it happen. It’s ludicrous to me, to be fair!

The solution of putting AEW on TNT on the Fite Network so that the UK fans can watch it live but have to pay a certain price per month to watch a show that should be free is mind-boggling stupidity and not much of a “solution” to be honest. The majority of fans will no doubt not go this route and go the streaming route with watching the show.

Safety D: Wrestling fans do need something to complain about, so it seems. It’s understandable how frustrating it is to have great early confidence in AEW only for their weekly show to start airing at 8:20am in the UK, but it’s not far off the same as watching an NJPW PPV here as far as I’m aware and fans still do that, so AEW shouldn’t be singled out. It is what it is.



The M Word – Episode II


The M Word – Episode II: Interview With “Safety D”


On this week’s episode, I’d a sitdown interview with “Safety D”. The Co-Creator of our very own “Wrestle-Hero Rebelz” brand!! Guest interviews like this will be a portion of what “The M Word” will be producing over the next couple of weeks and beyond. We get an insight into the mind of “Safety D” and discuss his opinions on such topics like Wrestling, Superheroes and embarrassing moments in his life. Check it out below!!

Q. If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be and why?

Safety D: The first word would have to be ‘weird’. I feel like that’s the primary word to describe me, which is actually a bit tough to explain. I don’t think I sound weird saying that I respond with the most random sentences/questions in a conversation where those sentences have little to do with it, or that I come up with my own phrases/word combinations for some stuff. You’d just have to know me to get the best idea of how I’m weird.

Word No. 2: ‘sarcastic’. I don’t know anyone who isn’t sarcastic in this day and age to be fair. It’s certainly a word to describe me, nonetheless. I don’t take much seriously, I’ll overthink and know when to be serious when I feel the need to be, but I don’t care enough about plenty of aspects of the world to be able to take it seriously. This place is harsh, but it should be fun, so let the sarcasm loose!

Final word: ‘creative’. I’ve been writing and improving my writing for the better part of 5 years now. When it comes to coming up with stories, how to continue them with a divine flow, keeping everything compelling, you’ve got to have a high level of creativity to accomplish all of that in different ways each time. Fiction keeps me on my toes and this creative process has become a big part of who I am.

Q. So where did the name/nickname “Safety” come from, tell us a bit more in detail about how all that came about and your opinions on it?

Safety D: How this came up was quite arbitrary. During a wrestling training session 6 years ago, ideas for gimmicks for the trainees at the time were being playfully thrown around, it was a fun process to witness. I didn’t have the first clue as to what I wanted my gimmick to be, I had no ideas. I was blank.

As far as I can recall, now Phoenix Wrestling’s Marion Armstrong was the one who first blurted out the name, everyone liked it, I found it to be amusing myself and it was a gimmick for me, so I agreed with it and went with it and everyone had fun with it. A theme song was even produced for me by Marion as well, fucking hell was it hilarious! I still feel pretty bad that a crowd never got to hear it and that my path in life veered away from it. The potential I think it had and still has is crazy!

Q. Favourite band or music artist and why?

Safety D: It’s a toss-up between Avril Lavigne and Nickelback. Their music just stuck with me upon first listening to them. I first heard ‘Girlfriend’ on a music channel and ‘Rockstar’ on the radio and unlike plenty of other music, I’m still not sick of them to this day. I’ve definitely listened to Avril and Nickelback longer than anything I’m currently listening to. I’ll never get bored of them.

Q. If you could pick one character from Marvel or DC to be for a day, whom would you choose and why?

Safety D: The Flash. Not only could I do so much in that one day being a Speedster, but I could also fuck with the timeline and keep going back to the start of the day I began being The Flash until I get bored of it. There’s much to be done!

Q. What is your favourite and least favourite part about Professional Wrestling?

Safety D: My favorite part about wrestling is the character presentation. It’s great that there are so many talented wrestlers around, it’s just not always easy to connect with them when that ability is all they carry. If they can wrestle but you find other aspects of them boring, chances are you won’t be able to appreciate their abilities and you’ll get tired of seeing them regularly.

It may be that something else is needed – a hook, and there’s no better hook than exceptional character presentation. The best example WWE currently has going for them in that regard is The Fiend. Chris Jericho has also always been a terrific illustration of this. It makes all the difference.

My least favorite part is probably the least favorite part for everyone – the backstage politics. The amount of shit that happens is unbelievable. At this point, you’re not surprised what happens as much as how and why it happened. The expectations of that subject are rather low, the reasons behind that stuff haven’t been more ridiculous, or shocking in some cases. I’m amazed at how some things go to shit the way they do.

Q. If you had 2 hours left to live, what would you choose to do and why?

Safety D: I have no idea what I’d do with the next 2 hours, let alone the last 2 hours of my life! That’s very little time to plan with but if I had to give an answer, I’d go somewhere peaceful with a few drinks, relax and let that be that. Sounds like a fine plan to me.

Q. What is your favourite Era in the history books of Professional Wrestling?

Safety D: I have to go with the Ruthless Aggression Era. That’s what I grew up watching. It birthed the ‘Doctor of Thuganomics’, ‘The Legend Killer’, Brock Lesnar, it was great watching Edge start in the main-event scene, I can recall much more from then than I can from The Attitude Era. Everything I know from The Attitude Era I know from WWE’s highlights, video games, and a few DVDs. I never truly sat down and got to know that era of wrestling. I was drawn in entirely by the Ruthless Aggression Era.

Q. What’s the best gift you’ve received in your lifetime thus far?

Safety D: Best gift you’ve received in your lifetime thus far? That is the most unfair question I’ve ever been asked. It’s a tough one to narrow down, I would have to say my laptop if I had to choose.

No more uncomfortably sitting in the environment of the kitchen just so I can use the PC. If I have blog posts or stories to write and want to type as soon as possible, I no longer have to wait who knows how long until the PC’s free to use! I can get right down to it on my own accord. It’s a little thing, but it matters a lot.

Q. What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Safety D: About 8 years in Transition Year of Secondary School, the class was forced to do a play at the end of the year. This was personally the most embarrassing for me. I’ve plenty of embarrassing moments when it came to trying to tell girls I liked them throughout my tenure in that school, but this one was all-around horrible. Nothing about it felt good. I wish I had the attitude at the time to shred that script in front of the teacher. What made it worse was that I overacted a bunch of lines to a fuck-all reaction from the crowd. Embarrassing myself solely in front of my friends is nothing compared to doing it in front of them as well as teachers and parents… and whoever else was there. It was a shitshow.

Q. As Co-creator of Wrestlehero Rebelz, what are your own aspirations for the brand over the next year?

Safety D: For all I know, WrestleHero Rebelz could end up becoming a business of sorts and that prospect sounds pretty cool. By this time next year, we’ll have our podcast up and running, our YouTube channel active, we’re likely keeping certain content on the blog and it’s not unrealistic on any end of the spectrum to think that a brand with all that going for it won’t end up being a business at some point.

If it happens, cool. If not, grand. It’s interesting to think about such a possibility though. This next year will certainly be the creation of the foundation of WrestleHero Rebelz. We’ll go from there.


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Episode II  of “The M Word” has been brought to you by former Wrestler turned Blog-Writer & Co-Creator of ‘WrestleHero Rebelz – Shod’

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The M Word – Episode 1

The M Word


I suppose to explain the jigs and reels to this whole blog series, I’ll be taking a topic on a bi-weekly basis and delving into my own personal opinions on said topic.


Episode I – “Through Hell” – with Shod

An appropriate subject to start with as it’s been in the headlines within the last twenty-four hours. The next pay per view stop for WWE!! And with headline matches like Lynch/Banks & Rollins/The Fiend, it’s sure to be a great next chapter into the history books of this quite historical structure. 

For me, growing up in the Attitude Era, this match-type has a lot of significance within the history of Professional Wrestling/Sports Entertainment. From the beginning with Michaels versus Undertaker in the inaugural debut of the “Hell In A Cell” structure, this particular match-type brought eyes and intrigue to it from the outset. What was built up as a grudge match between both of these legends, brought with it the arrival of another legend, in the form of the “Big Red Machine”.

This set the tone for the matches that would involve this historic structure down the years. Mankind versus Undertaker in the third installment for this structure was certifiably insane!! From starting outside the structure and then to the top, to a certain “Hardcore Legend” being launched off the demonic structure itself, which led to easily one of the best play by play calls of all time!!

This structure has such a rich history and has played host to not only historic play by play calls, Legends, Demonic Debuts, but also a hanging!! As would be the case when at Wrestlemania XV, none other than “The Big Bossman” hung from the cell as it rose to the rafters once more. That sight alone was forever etched into my brain and memory as a 9-year-old kid. Along with that was another Cell classic encounter, not even a year later! Triple H for me cemented his “Main Event” level status with that match against Cactus Jack at ‘No Way Out 2000’, that rivalry and that night shot both of those guys into the annals of the history books. Scary to think that was only the start for the “Cerebral Assassin” inside the demonic structure. Another great “Attitude Era” match inside this hellacious entity would have to be what closed out the year 2000, with the first-ever 6 men “Hell In A Cell”. The talent in this one was insane! And speaking of solidifying careers, it certainly solidified the reign and career of the then “Rookie Champion”, one Kurt Angle. Having him go over in a match of this magnitude was huge for his first reign.

This structure has played host to feuds, grudges, Legends and monumental historic moments in the WWE since October 5th, 1997, with no signs of slowing down any time soon! This match-type is engrained into the very fabric and history of World Wrestling Entertainment, just as much as anything else. The upcoming “Hell In A Cell” matches should provide more monumental moments for sure!! I for one look forward to what a character like “The Fiend” could bring to this demonic structure and you know Rollins will do some crazy shit too!

This has been the inaugural episode of “The M Word”, brought to you by former Wrestler turned Blog-Writer & Co-Creator of ‘WrestleHero RebelzShod’

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The Rebelz Report

The Rebelz Report


In this Blog, “Shod” & “Safety” take 5 topics that have made the headlines recently in the world of Professional Wrestling and give their take and opinions. Included in this week’s report are the lad’s opinions on the Ric Flair controversy, that stunning sell to a Stone Cold Stunner from the one and only AJ Styles, Cody’s big announcement, the rise of “The Fiend” and a very amusing Twitter interaction.

Check it out below:

Safety’s Heat With Scott Stanford

Shod: Now this is something interesting to kick off the blog with. The drama, the intrigue, the why, the backstory, the reasoning behind Safety’s heat with a certain Scott Stanford!

Safety: Did anyone know Scott Stanford shows up on TV for Box Office PPV build-up in 2019? I sure didn’t. Safety overlooked him.

Shod: Looks like Safety isn’t giving away anything about his out of the blue beef with the one and only, Scott Stanford! What a heel!


Ric ”The Man” Flair

Safety: It’s official: Ric Flair has gone off the deep end… again.

Trying to trademark ‘The Man’ is like wanting to trademark ‘The Nature Boy’, it’s just not going to work. Its origin never started with him and its use will be in effect long after he’s gone. I don’t think he realizes how careful he should be in a situation like this, it very well could impact Charlotte’s career trajectory.

Yes, WWE 100% wouldn’t risk losing her to AEW [regardless of the little chance that has of happening], but she did go an extended period of time recently not being used on TV. Not to mention Ric could end up regrettably burning what we thought was an impenetrable bridge. Nothing good will come from Ric’s decision.

Shod: I think this all stems from nothing more than the dude is in so much heavy debt, nothing more or less than that really. Laying claim and wanting royalties to a broad title such as “The Man” is just another stab at trying to rid himself of debt once more. And to be fair, the lavish lifestyle he has lived for decades was bound to catch up to him at some point.

I find it ironic that he wasn’t trying to trademark the title of “The Man” until recently, as he obviously saw what everyone else has and that’s that “The Man” has never been more popular a brand name as over the past while with Becky. Not since the days of Flair in his prime has the title been so popular.

I do think he really needs to let this go, as in the long run, it’s just a futile effort to extort money out of the WWE now. Which is very sad to see the legend that is Ric Flair stoop to this, even his own daughter has reacted angrily to him in regards to this, if reports are to be believed like.


Phenomenal Stunner

Shod: I loved the interaction between Styles and Austin this week on Raw, and that sell from the Stunner was pardon the pun simply phenomenal. {Insert cheeky winky face here}. The sell had everyone talking including another great seller of the Stunner himself, The Rock {Dwayne Johnson for you movie afficionados}.

If only a match between these two were possible, but alas with Austin’s particular injury, sadly not to be. But I’ll take segments like these all day long, as anyone that knows me, knows how much of an Austin fan I was in the 90s and continue to be to this day.

Safety: Above average opening, segments are difficult to come by in WWE in 2019, especially on the red brand, but that’s exactly what fans were treated to this week!

I personally expected The Fiend to add ‘Stone Cold’ to his list of victims, but using The OC was entertaining in its own right. The promo was smooth fire, no one can say that Stunner wasn’t enjoyable and it turns out the only person who can completely cease those “What?” chants with minimal effort is Steve Austin! He’s definitely still got it.


All Rhodes Lead To The Top

Safety: My eyebrows were raised at the announcement of Cody booking himself into the AEW World Championship picture straight away! His win/loss record reasoning behind this decision is pretty much being used as an excuse for him to give himself the main event treatment he never got during his time in WWE. AEW will indeed be a nice new alternative with all it has to offer, but in no way will it be any kind of competition if Cody and the rest of his creative team are taking pages out of Vince’s book.

They’ve made good decisions with their talent thus far – Jericho as AEW World Champion easily being the best one – but they’ve got work to do with how they book themselves. It’s not that Cody doesn’t deserve that main event position, it being in his own promotion is simply questionable and mightn’t go over well with the majority of fans given time. It’s not a safe move.

Shod: Now this is an intriguing development. It didn’t really take too long for Cody to book himself into the top Championship slot opposite Chris “A Little Bit Of The Bubbly” Jericho. Cody was on the back burner somewhat at the beginning of AEW, battling his brother and his albeit good built up feud with Shawn Spears, although he did sort of use his own prophetic shovel of his own in that one it seems.

I’ve no problem with seeing Cody versus Jericho for the AEW World Championship, but to have it this soon is a bit problematic. It doesn’t exactly paint him in the best picture of him trying to have AEW be an “alternative” to the WWE product. With the way he solidly almost buried Spears and is now jumping straight into the Championship picture, it seems like AEW are making profound mistakes. Hopefully they correct them and maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit here, but we’ll see where this particular Rhode {pardon the pun} leads.


Fiendish Endeavour

Shod: Quite clearly the most over commodity in the WWE right now is “The Fiend”, I think that goes without stating to be perfectly honest. It seems like the wrestling fandom in general latches on to everything and anything that he comes up with or does. Although I’m totally on board with this reinvention for Bray, I just hope they don’t fuck things up before it has a chance to get started.

“The Fiend” possibly main eventing Hell In A Cell against Rollins would be a great match, but I just hope they book it smart, which commonly the WWE isn’t really known for in general. If you aren’t putting him over Rollins then it needs to be strategically done as they can’t really afford another Ryback incident. Although have “The Fiend” take out Undertaker on Smackdown Live in MSG and you’ve got a story written in for Undertaker to cost “The Fiend” and set up a colossal Survivor Series main event right there, ala smart booking!

Safety: I’m amazed by how little Bray Wyatt needs to do in order to have social media run rampant around him since the debut of Firefly Fun House. This week, he changed a clock’s time from 3:16 to 11:19 and it took a nanosecond for the WWE Universe to start speculating with theories!

The two most popular theories making the rounds are connecting 11:19 to a bible passage, and it being a prediction that The Fiend will attack The Undertaker. Whatever happens at Clash Of Champions, Hell In A Cell and beyond, Bray Wyatt will ensure he never falls under the radar. The Fiend’s next move holds all the intrigue and hope in the world right now.





An Interview With Ricky Graham

An Interview With ‘Ricky Graham’

We recently conducted an interview with the one and only, ‘Ricky Graham’. It was great to get his insights into certain aspects of the business and his likes/dislikes about a plethora of topics. Check it out below:

WH Rebelz: You now wrestle with two first names. Why? And what was the conversation that led to that like?

Ricky Graham: Two first names? “Superstar” Billy Graham? The change was something of an elephant in the room of a lot of conversations. With the start of Phoenix it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a rebirth.

WH Rebelz: In terms of other promotions, what ones would you most like to work with and why?

Ricky Graham: I’m quite happy where I am. OTT is going from strength to strength and Courage is making waves. There’s a few more on the Irish scene too. For me, I’m not looking to work somewhere just to cross it off my bucket list. My priority is to Phoenix Wrestling and helping it grow.

WH Rebelz: How does it feel essentially living 2 different lives – your wrestling life and your more regular day-to-day life?

Ricky Graham: I’m not sure if there’s much of a divide really. I’m really into fitness and nutrition so I think that really blurs the lines between both. In the ring I just wear less clothes!

WH Rebelz: When you’re not wrestling, what do you like doing to pass the time?

Ricky Graham: Again, I’m in the gym 5 times a week. I think that’s my main outlet outside wrestling. Wrestling gives me a purpose in the gym so that motivates me. Outside of that my favourite pastime is watching TV shows. I love TV even over movies. Special mentions for the US Office and Breaking Bad. Just 2 that stand out to me.

WH Rebelz: What is your all-time favourite wrestling match and why?

Ricky Graham: I don’t believe in favourites as such. I think of matches more like songs that you get an urge to listen to. Right now the match on my mind is Eddie VS Brock from No Way Out so I’m gonna rewatch that in the next day or so. After that maybe TLC 2.

WH Rebelz: Are there any aspects of wrestling you feel are under-appreciated?

Ricky Graham: Of course. Too many to mention. It’s all the little things. Wrestling at times can be phoned in in terms of the wrestling and or the promotion. It takes a lot of effort to look the part or put on a great show.

WH Rebelz: With the inclusion of AEW into the industry at the present moment, how do you feel that changes the industry or what are your opinions on all that?

Ricky Graham: I think it’s great. People need an alternative and competition brings out the best in any business. It’s a great time to be a fan.

WH Rebelz: Who on the Irish Wrestling scene do you feel has the potential to go all the way to the top of the industry someday?

Ricky Graham: The people to watch are obviously Scotty Davis, Raven Creed and MTH, they’ve all really come into their own in the last year. Keep an eye on Matt Skyler too and Butch Armstrong.

WH Rebelz: What would you say separates Phoenix Wrestling from the other promotions on the independent scene?

Ricky Graham: Phoenix is homegrown at its core. The Owners have done a great job in putting their personality into the brand. It is crazy, fun and lighthearted but dramatic and serious in parts. I think they know what the fans want before the fans do, they’re really in tune with the Irish wrestling scene.

WH Rebelz: What are your in-ring goals for 2019 and beyond?

Ricky Graham: I don’t believe in setting goals either, I aim for constant continuous improvements where achievable. At some point in my career I want to work in a tag team as that’s something completely different which I haven’t done yet. Until then I’ll be hunting whatever gold is available.





Check out ‘Ricky Graham’ this Saturday night live at the Kino, in Cork City! Phoenix Wrestling returns ’28 Weeks Later’. Also on tap are various other talents such as ‘The Armstrongs’, ‘Raven Creed’, ‘Steve Savage’, ‘Justy’, ‘Bruiser’, ‘Debbie Keitel’, ‘Matt Skyler’, ‘Rough Stuff’ and ‘Billy Bedlam feat. William’. Plus many more!!

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