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An Interview With Ricky Graham

An Interview With ‘Ricky Graham’

We recently conducted an interview with the one and only, ‘Ricky Graham’. It was great to get his insights into certain aspects of the business and his likes/dislikes about a plethora of topics. Check it out below:

WH Rebelz: You now wrestle with two first names. Why? And what was the conversation that led to that like?

Ricky Graham: Two first names? “Superstar” Billy Graham? The change was something of an elephant in the room of a lot of conversations. With the start of Phoenix it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a rebirth.

WH Rebelz: In terms of other promotions, what ones would you most like to work with and why?

Ricky Graham: I’m quite happy where I am. OTT is going from strength to strength and Courage is making waves. There’s a few more on the Irish scene too. For me, I’m not looking to work somewhere just to cross it off my bucket list. My priority is to Phoenix Wrestling and helping it grow.

WH Rebelz: How does it feel essentially living 2 different lives – your wrestling life and your more regular day-to-day life?

Ricky Graham: I’m not sure if there’s much of a divide really. I’m really into fitness and nutrition so I think that really blurs the lines between both. In the ring I just wear less clothes!

WH Rebelz: When you’re not wrestling, what do you like doing to pass the time?

Ricky Graham: Again, I’m in the gym 5 times a week. I think that’s my main outlet outside wrestling. Wrestling gives me a purpose in the gym so that motivates me. Outside of that my favourite pastime is watching TV shows. I love TV even over movies. Special mentions for the US Office and Breaking Bad. Just 2 that stand out to me.

WH Rebelz: What is your all-time favourite wrestling match and why?

Ricky Graham: I don’t believe in favourites as such. I think of matches more like songs that you get an urge to listen to. Right now the match on my mind is Eddie VS Brock from No Way Out so I’m gonna rewatch that in the next day or so. After that maybe TLC 2.

WH Rebelz: Are there any aspects of wrestling you feel are under-appreciated?

Ricky Graham: Of course. Too many to mention. It’s all the little things. Wrestling at times can be phoned in in terms of the wrestling and or the promotion. It takes a lot of effort to look the part or put on a great show.

WH Rebelz: With the inclusion of AEW into the industry at the present moment, how do you feel that changes the industry or what are your opinions on all that?

Ricky Graham: I think it’s great. People need an alternative and competition brings out the best in any business. It’s a great time to be a fan.

WH Rebelz: Who on the Irish Wrestling scene do you feel has the potential to go all the way to the top of the industry someday?

Ricky Graham: The people to watch are obviously Scotty Davis, Raven Creed and MTH, they’ve all really come into their own in the last year. Keep an eye on Matt Skyler too and Butch Armstrong.

WH Rebelz: What would you say separates Phoenix Wrestling from the other promotions on the independent scene?

Ricky Graham: Phoenix is homegrown at its core. The Owners have done a great job in putting their personality into the brand. It is crazy, fun and lighthearted but dramatic and serious in parts. I think they know what the fans want before the fans do, they’re really in tune with the Irish wrestling scene.

WH Rebelz: What are your in-ring goals for 2019 and beyond?

Ricky Graham: I don’t believe in setting goals either, I aim for constant continuous improvements where achievable. At some point in my career I want to work in a tag team as that’s something completely different which I haven’t done yet. Until then I’ll be hunting whatever gold is available.





Check out ‘Ricky Graham’ this Saturday night live at the Kino, in Cork City! Phoenix Wrestling returns ’28 Weeks Later’. Also on tap are various other talents such as ‘The Armstrongs’, ‘Raven Creed’, ‘Steve Savage’, ‘Justy’, ‘Bruiser’, ‘Debbie Keitel’, ‘Matt Skyler’, ‘Rough Stuff’ and ‘Billy Bedlam feat. William’. Plus many more!!

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Arrow Season 7 – 1st Half Review

Arrow Season 7 – 1st Half Review

In this review, we discuss our thoughts and opinions on how each member of the Wrestlehero Rebelz team felt the first half of “Arrow” Season 7 went.

Check it out below:

Mike: This Season of “Arrow” started off strong. Oliver staying in prison for almost the entirety of the first half of the Season was something that I didn’t see coming but it was well played out. “Inmate 4587” was a unique story perspective to take the first half of the Season and how that story ended couldn’t have been better in my opinion. The ultimate grudge fight with Diaz was played out masterfully in the end with Oliver coming out on top as the hero finally.

Meanwhile, a new “Green Arrow” emerged in Star City in Oliver’s absence. This new renegade hero was a throwback of sorts to a Season 1-2 Green Arrow, and the mystery around the character grew with each episode. Rene feeling somewhat lost in his new role without any team members was perfect to play into helping the new “Green Arrow”, even if it meant going against Dinah. Who in her own right was coming to terms with what it meant being the Captain of the SCPD.

I think one of the most drastic character developments in the show needs to go in the way of Felicity however, as she went from usual tech-savvy, mild-mannered behind the scenes character to being this now outspoken and willing to do anything, by any means necessary to get the job done character, which even scares Oliver to a degree. Felicity went from being a victim of Diaz to outright pointing a gun right at the “Big Bad” of Season 6. Her friendship with Laurel is an intriguing route to take both characters also. Laurel trying to reign Felicity in, whilst Felicity becomes more dangerous is a great plot avenue to go down and the writers and actresses themselves pulled it off splendidly.

The whole “future” flash forwards to this Season have been interesting to view as well. An older William who finds Roy and then goes on a journey of discovery, which leads to many things being unraveled and revealed makes for some compelling television. Dinah is “The Canary”, Felicity in the future is depicted as some sort of criminal and Rene is in a position of power in the Glades. The flash forward scenes certainly bring with them a lot more questions than answers. Which in essence is the reason why this plot point is compelling.

Side-note: The whole Dante dynamic and mystery is something that will be intriguing going into the second half of the Season for sure.

Dalen: When it came time for the first half of Arrow’s 6th season to traverse across a prison storyline, I became skeptical because of how The Flash’s 4th season handled that for itself. However, the extra depth ‘Arrow’ gave the story by treating it as a main storyline made it compelling, to say the least.

Ricardo Diaz was the blandest ‘Big Bad’ writers could’ve opted for last season, but writing him into a more mysterious, tension-filled role certainly went in his favour. The lack of safety that revolved around Diaz discovering Felicity’s location is what truly gave his storyline the depth it needed, bringing Oliver to Level 2 of the prison and having sessions with a psychopathic therapist. The prison arc was reconnoitred from every angle imaginable, even going so far as to reveal Oliver’s prison pal as being a brutal serial killer. There were indeed times where the quality was brought into question, but the effort gone into this was proper and it showed for the most part.

With the rest of the team having to deal with a new, mysterious fake Green Arrow, it looked like old storylines were being rehashed from the Dark Archer and Prometheus. Many unknown archers have come and gone throughout Arrow’s run but once again, this turned out to be different and successfully so. The reveal of this archer being Emiko Queen was surprising to say the least. Of all the characters that have been hypothesised throughout the seasons, surely Emiko was one guess that never would’ve cropped up.

On more of a side note, I’m fascinated by where the flashforwards are leading viewers. They could easily spoil this season of events and render everything unexciting and trivial. So far, they have been successful in telling an intriguing future story about William returning to Star City without revealing many, if any of the events revolving around Season 7.

It’s a delicate balance we all hope can be kept. Time will tell as to who this year’s ‘Big Bad’ will be but one thing is for certain and another possesses a lot of hope: it’s tough to come up with a less interesting villain than Diaz and this season is going to be a great one!


The Flash, Season 5, Episode 10

The Flash, Season 5, Episode 10

“The Flash And The Furious”

Mike: This was a very good episode to kick off “The Flash” series in 2019 with and a solid return after the break. Albeit the trailer was very misleading, it still ticked all the right boxes. From the outset, it brought a lot of intrigue with covering the dynamic between Eobard Thawne “The Reverse Flash” and Nora West-Allen. Nora questioning Thawne about what atrocities he committed, including the murder of her grandmother in front of her father made it a very compelling opening scene.

Cue to the courtroom drama with “Weather Witch” on trial for her own atrocities, although they played the remorse card in nicely here. The drama and conflict would extend to the streets as Raya, “The Silver Ghost” would make an appearance. With the help of Metahuman tech, she would ultimately make her mark in this episode. Putting Barry out of commission was a good plot point and allowed Nora to come to the forefront in this particular episode. Making it a Nora-centric episode brought with it the character’s flaws, as well as making it an episode of personal growth for her character as she learns what it means to truly be a hero.

“The Young Rogues” mention and plot was very nicely done and brings an entirely new element to the Season as a whole. Not since the days of “The Rogues,” has the plot of the redeemable criminal been done this well. A throwback mention to Snart was a welcome addition also it must be stated. Plus a throwaway reference to “Wayne Tech” surely wasn’t done for nothing, it had its purpose in this episode and will be a much bigger plot point down the line one would think. Maybe even leading into the much anticipated “Batwoman” network show on the CW.

Speaking of intriguing plot points, the back and forth between Cisco and Caitlin/”Killer Frost” was another great reason why this show was so expertly written. The addition of a cure for Metahumans will be a major focal point for the rest of the Season you would assume and could play in with how “Team Flash” eventually defeats “Cicada”. Caitlin coming around to Cisco’s way of thinking and deciding to help him was a good way to move this forward, but the cure having the number one rule of being a choice rather than being forced upon Metahumans will surely play into that specific plot in a much bigger way in the future. I wouldn’t even put it passed the writers making this into a war-like plot within future Seasons also. A lot of ways this plot can be taken.

The redemption of Eobard Thawne is a nice idea, but one that I feel will not come to fruition as Thawne is one character that shouldn’t be redeemed. He’s the biggest villain of the series and “The Flash’s” arch nemesis for a reason. But I am intrigued to see how it all plays out. An Eobard Thawne that wants to truly be redeemed will make for some interesting television, but I do feel that “Sherlock” Harrison Wells will play a much bigger role and become a much bigger threat than he is perceived to be currently. I wouldn’t be at all shocked to see him be another incarnation of “The Reverse Flash”. But then again it would be quite something if the writers threw a curveball in there with making Nora the next incarnation of Thawne, it sure isn’t an impossibility.

Rating: 8/10

Dalen Flynn: This was a standard villain-of-the-week episode handled at its best. The CW writers definitely have a fetish for hacked cars. It looked as if they explored all stories that could’ve included a car getting hacked throughout last season’s shows, until the meta-tech villain-of-week, Silver Ghost.

Nora has been a welcome new dimension for these episodes as of late by constantly adding a more personal element to them, this time with her conflicting feelings of which side Weather Witch is on. Described by Barry as her Leonard Snart, Nora received the focal point of the episode with Silver Ghost’s meta-tech decommissioning Barry for a day. Villains-of-the-week can’t always be compelling on their own, so imagine Nora’s development act as a safety net in case a super car wasn’t enough. Using what she learned with Weather Witch for Eobard Thawne however, likely isn’t the smartest move but it sure gauges interest! There are stakes for Thawne now more than ever with a mysterious countdown timer. Better gear up for the rest of the season!

Elsewhere, Cisco and Caitlin/Killer Frost butt heads about a possible metahuman cure. Making a bond between two of the closest characters on the show even stronger with a delicate situation doesn’t merely give them something to do, it shows us the effect Cicada’s dagger minimizing Cisco’s powers has had on Cisco brought him to the realization that the metahuman population can be made significantly smaller. This is one side plot that should be made consistent. The good episodes that could be with just that are pretty much endless.

‘The Flash’ isn’t afraid to constantly add new elements (instead of simply dipping their toes into new ideas) this year and it’s exactly what it needs for filler episodes in a 23-episode season order year after year.

Rating: 7/10

-That is the views and opinions on Season 5, Episode 10 of “The Flash”, “The Flash And The Furious”, until next week folks.




The Flash Season 5 -1st Half Review

The Flash Season 5 -1st Half Review

In this review we discuss our thoughts and opinions on how each member of the Wrestlehero Rebelz team felt the first half of “The Flash” Season 5 went. Check it out below:


Dalen Flynn: With the dud that was Season 3 and the lacklustre venture that was Season 4, new life has been breathed into The Flash halfway through its 5th season by a familiar foe: The Reverse Flash!

As far as ‘Big Bads’ go, Cicada was a pretty convincing one until just before ‘Elseworlds’. A metahuman driven by the hatred of other metas, his lightning bolt dagger became a temporary siphon for metahuman powers and allowed him to strike any of them down with ease – a realistic match for The Flash if he was to be a season-long problem. The only problem with him: he got boring as soon as his identity was revealed. Don’t get me wrong, the build-up for Cicada’s case as ‘Big Bad’ started off convincingly but now that we know who is, what his motives are and the fact we’ve seen everything he can do, the interest level has become lost in favour of longtime favourite villain, Eobard Thawne.

On top of that, Team Flash has had to adjust to Barry & Iris’ daughter, Nora West-Allen, travelling back in time so she can get to know her Father before the crisis in which he vanishes during. She’s been an intriguing component from the get-go and with the latest cliffhanger that she’s been working with Eobard Thawne, she can certainly be utilised for the entire season. Her character exploration has been most fascinating. She knows what she knows about her Father through The Flash museum, but not why everything was there before travelling through time with Barry and the strange text Barry wrote in the Season 4 Premiere has been revealed to be a means of communication, specifically between Nora and Thawne.

As evident through the season’s profession, it would be best if Reverse Flash remained in the season as the ‘Big Bad’ instead of Cicada. Due to time travel, there’s an unknown amount of possibilities that can forever be explored with Thawne and still have him be an incredibly interesting villain. We know all about Cicada now. There isn’t much left for him to accomplish while keeping the season’s progress intact.

This new life that has been Season 5 thus far has been an exceptional journey. Even Caitlin’s Father, now known as Icicle, has been given his own side-arc for an unknown period of time with the last episode revolving heavily around him somewhat resembling that of Firestorm from Season 1.

Having much in common with the inaugural season without being repetitive as such, it’s been the best start for The Flash since Season 2!

Mike C: Season 5 in my opinion is going pretty well so far. I was intrigued from the outset about how they handled the events of the Season 4 Finale and aftermath. Nora Allen being revealed as Barry’s daughter was something that was coming but it was a nice addition, and has been played out well during the first half of this Season. The inclusion of Cicada also as the “Big Bad” changes things up a bit, by including a villain that has a great amount of hatred for Metahumans in general. His backstory in one episode was intriguing to say the least and the motivation for wanting to rid the world of Metahumans is a personal one on a humane level, so to speak.

Cisco being heartbroken this Season has comedic elements to it, as well as being serious in parts also. Which you kind of need when telling a story like that. Dibny trying to help him along leads to even more hilarity, but that’s the whole “MO” of Dibny’s character. Caitlin meeting her father this Season as well and his introduction was quite a compelling arc to have brought to the small screen. The can they trust him or not element made that particular episode even better.

The big arc this Season being Nora wanting to spend more time with Barry and making excuses to do so is heartwarming to be fair. Although her interaction with Iris is confusing at first, until of course we find out the reason later in the first half of the Season. Although I’m sure many of The Flash fandom probably thought she quoted lines like “We’re The Flash” to Nora, which probably pissed her off!

The reintroduction of the Reverse Flash is one that I welcome of course, but I do feel that he’s better left off to be the main villain again in a later Season. I’d even build it this Season and make him the “Big Bad” for a later Season, perhaps have it tie in with the whole 2024 story arc. You can’t not love Tom Cavanagh in any capacity though, the guy has proven over the last few years that he’s an acting genius and can play multiple roles. As evidenced by his various roles of the different versions of Harrison Wells. Sherlock Wells this Season has been intriguing too, even if he came in later than expected.

All in all, a really good Season so far. And looking forward to what the second half of Season 5 throws our way!


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Interview With Bobby Calloway II

Interview With Bobby Calloway II

48947219_10217617791093744_7695766308423467008_o (1)


We recently sat down with Bobby Calloway once again, following on from our last interview exchange with himself. It was a great catch-up and a fitting way to kick off the 2019 escapade of this blog. 

Check out the interview below:


WH Rebelz: So tell us a bit about what you’ve been up to, since we last spoke.

Bobby Calloway: Since we last talked, I’ve been plugging away and got a few more credits on the CV. Mostly short films and music videos, with some small TV credits there as well.

I finally got to make a dream project of mine. In the last interview, I mentioned High & Tight – a short film where I play a man joining the army. The pre-production process was an absolute nightmare – which you can read about here – but I was delighted with the finished product.

I’m also delighted to announce I’m a part of No WiFi’s upcoming web series Blue Valentine. It’s a crime thriller and the part was written for me, so it’s going to be lots of fun to make!

In addition to acting, I decided to become a YouTuber – which was something else I’d been considering for a while. I now do advice vlogs for actors just starting out, and video essays critiquing film.

WH Rebelz: Do you feel 2018 was a step forward for your acting career?

Bobby Calloway: I don’t want to be too negative, but I feel I didn’t possibly work as hard as I could have. I did accomplish some things, but I definitely wasted a lot of time, and could have done so much more. But life is for learning, and I’m just going to have to work that extra bit harder in 2019.

That being said, I did accomplish a few things I’m proud of in 2018. The first of which was my first feature film credit. A director on his second feature Gerard Lough says I auditioned for a short of his last year and said although I wasn’t right for it, he liked my reel and kept an eye on me – so now I have a part in his next film Spears. I can’t say too much, but I’ll be playing a bit of a rascal called Jeff and it’ll be a fun neo-noir story with lots of twists and turns. It’ll also be a different role for me, since I’ve been playing a lot of soldiers or else teenagers and young adults lately – Jeff is a bit older and I doubt he’d be that good with a gun.

I’ve also taken steps towards doing more voice acting – which has been another dream of mine. I got some great coaching from Tommy Ellis at the Velvet Voice Studio – who I will be making many more trips to in the year – and a great VA called Alex Hanly who I met while working on Vikings. He reminds me a bit of you actually.

WH Rebelz: As the world of the film continues to change coming into 2019, has it been easier for you to become inspired?

Bobby Calloway: Absolutely. I see more and more people just taking charge and doing their own stuff. I’ve done that of course, but I made two shorts in the space of two years. It’s time to do so much more. In the last few months I’ve been pumping out all sorts of scripts to create work for myself and my friends – and we’ll be banging them out like no tomorrow.

I owe a good chunk of this inspiration to my friend Rian Mahood-Gallagher – who I’ve now worked with three times. Our last collaboration – a dark fairy tale called Scrios – really lit a fire under me and we have so many projects we’re going to do together.

It’s a streaming world now and this just opens up more opportunities to get your films shown to a larger audience – whether it be through Netflix, Amazon, Vimeo etc. There’s so much opportunity for us all.

My biggest inspiration has to be my mentor Ross Grant. He runs a website called Act On This TV that’s dedicated to giving actors the information they need to properly make waves in the industry. He’s such a good, genuine person and I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without his help along the way

WH Rebelz: Are you always prepared to bring something new to the table?

Bobby Calloway: Yeah I always try to do something different, if I feel I’m not challenging myself enough. For example, in 2017 I played a lot of villains, psychos and thugs. So 2018 saw me trying to do some more varied roles. I ended up playing a lot of soldiers – I think I played about five in this year alone.

So the next few roles will need to be distinct from that. The key is to find your niche and then find ways to play around with that, as opposed to just doing something different for the sake of it. For example, I play wise-asses quite well but I also do vulnerable nicely. So it’s finding ways to play to those strengths, while also stepping out of the comfort zone.

WH Rebelz: Primarily an actor, you previously mentioned you’re also a writer. Have any stories been able to hit paper to screen lately?

Bobby Calloway: Regular content is the key to making an impact, so the first order of business is to mention my upcoming web series The Gumdrops. It’s a slightly surreal comedy about four college girls and the antics they get up to in their house. I’ll be behind the camera for most of it – though I do cameo in one episode – and it’s a vehicle for a very talented actress I know called Rebecca Flynn. She’s always cast in serious dramatic roles but out of character she’s hysterical – so the character she’s set to play will be showing a different side to her. She’s already read some of the lines out loud to me, and it couldn’t be a more perfect fit.

I mentioned Scrios earlier. That was a short film I did back in November as part of No WiFi’s Autumn film challenge. It’s a dark fairy tale putting a different take on Sleeping Beauty. It was quite different for me – as I often rely on witty Kevin Williamson-esque dialogue – and there was no dialogue at all. It was completely silent. I just saw a rough cut and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Two of my friends – James Byrne and Brian O Suilleabhain – made their No WiFi debuts, and I finally got to work with my good friend Sefora Castro (who was delightfully terrifying).

A short I’ll be doing soon is a drama called Passing. It’s set in the 90s and I’ll be playing a Northern Irish man who grew up in the middle of The Troubles and he’s now living in London, trying to forget his Irish roots. Rian says he “fell in love” with the story and thinks it has feature film potential, so I guess we shall see.

There’s also a musical of all things in the works. Called The Thing I Like, it’ll be a six part series following five people finding an escape from their day-to-day lives in forming a singing group. Singing is another passion of mine but I’ve always been self-conscious about doing it in front of people – so it’s going to be ambitious but I look forward to it. I’ve been working on it since mid-2017 so here’s to finally getting around to making it.

Rounding off the projects, there is of course a feature film called Letters To Tyler – which I’ve been writing since late 2016. Myself and Tom Fitzgerald will reunite from Aaron and High & Tight to star in this road movie about three strangers bonding as they take an impromptu trip up north. I’ll be playing an American tourist who’s haunted by memories of a complicated relationship with his childhood friend (the eponymous Tyler).

WH Rebelz: As a fan of movies, what would you say are your top 5 favourite movies of all time?

Bobby Calloway: Top five of all time? Only five? Jesus.

First of all, have to mention Aliens. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world when I was thirteen, and it still holds up! It was really my gateway to the sci-fi genre, and I eternally thank James Cameron.

I was a Disney kid, so we have to include one of their films in there. I’m going to go with Sleeping Beauty for how much of an impact it made on me and my childhood. It’s a masterpiece of animation and the whole film is just amazing to look at.

Going for something grittier, I’ll pick A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints – an indie drama featuring some of the best work from Robert Downey Jr, Shia Le Beouf, Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson and Melonie Diaz. It really struck me when I saw it two years ago. I’d love to do a stage version of it at some point.

Of course you can’t not mention Lord of the Rings – which really got me and so many others interested in filmmaking itself. If only one film can represent the trilogy, we’ll go with Fellowship of the Ring. That’s my favourite of the bunch, because it has more Sean Bean. If the option is more Sean Bean or not more Sean Bean, you have to pick more Sean Bean. Why would you not want more Sean Bean?

I really love war films, so why not include Saving Private Ryan? Pretty much every war film I’ve watched since seeing that I’ve kind of hated for not being that.

WH Rebelz: Whom has been your favourite person to work with in 2018, and whom would you like to work with in 2019?

Bobby Calloway: Favourite person to work with in 2018…it’s a tie.

First is Paul Sparkes, who played my older brother Shane in High & Tight. I met him at a No WiFi meeting earlier this year, bumped into him at an audition a few weeks later and ended up hanging out with him for a couple of hours afterwards. Having seen some of his work beforehand, I knew he was right for the part, and offered it shortly afterwards. He brought such an intensity and vulnerability to the character, it blows me away. I legit don’t see him when I watch the film – he becomes that character. Pretty much any time I see him, we just become Scott and Shane for a while. Someone said “I can’t un-see you and Paul as brothers now” and we pretty much are at this stage.

Second is Andrew McNeill, who I acted alongside in a World War I short called Victories. I honestly struggle to find the words for how great he was to work with. When the film was screened, a lot of people praised the chemistry between us – which is a credit to how easy he is to work with. We met and had one rehearsal beforehand, and I stayed in his house during filming – so acting alongside him felt pretty natural. He put a lot of heart into his role, and it really shows in the final film. You should see some of his other work. He does a southern American accent so well it’s weird to hear him speak au naturale.

It’s also a tie for who I’d like to work with in 2019.

Going back to Victories there was an actor called James McKenzie who had a small part towards the end. The sneaky little fucker said beforehand he might need my help making sure his English accent was okay – and he didn’t slip once in the scene. He sounded more English than I do! When I was talking about him to a friend, said friend said I’d never described anyone as “fucking unreal” before. So he’ll be starring alongside me in Passing – mentioned above.

The other person I can’t wait to work with is a promising Liverpool boy called Luke Anthony Jr. I’m going to take you back to the summer of 2017. A few actors had posted their reels online and I was watching a them to be polite. I saw Luke’s reel and I was blown away. I literally added him on all platforms and said “you have no idea who I am but I just saw your reel and you are fucking amazing” – he’s got a real James Dean vibe to him. Definitely a star in the making. And he’ll be playing Tyler in Letters To Tyler. I actually had real trouble with that character when writing the script. I wanted to flesh him out but just couldn’t think of anything. Then one day I thought “what if Luke plays Tyler?” and the inspiration just flowed. In addition to acting, he’s also a great headshot photographer – so check him out.

WH Rebelz: So, if you had to pick, Marvel or DC?

Bobby Calloway: Gonna have to go with Marvel. No disrespect to DC, but Marvel have the X-Men and that’s a deal breaker for me.

WH Rebelz: If you could guest star on an episode of any television show, what would be your role and why?

Bobby Calloway: Any TV show ever? Or one that’s currently airing?

If ever I’d love to have been on Once Upon A Time playing Prince Philip. He was my hero when I was a kid, so playing him would be the dream. But I liked what Julian Morris did so no harm done (and I got to meet him when I did a day on Little Women back in 2017!)

Currently airing I’d have to say Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I loved the original and still watch it, but this new version is pretty great too. I’d have to be a witch and show those Weird Sisters a thing or two at the Academy.

And truth be told I’d love a voice role on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Let me voice someone who’s in love with Pinkie Pie, and I’ll pretty much be playing myself.


Bobby Calloway’s Social Media links:





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An Interview With Phoenix Wrestling

An Interview With Phoenix Wrestling

We recently sat down with Luke Barry (aka Marion Armstrong) of Phoenix Wrestling before the highly anticipated debut show “F#*k Sake, Not Another Wrestling Company” live in The Kino, Cork City this Friday July 27th.

Q. So Phoenix Wrestling has sort of come out of nowhere, pardon the pun, but how long have you had the idea of creating Phoenix Wrestling for?

-Realistically, all my life. I’m the kid who spent most of my teenage years “booking” backyard wrestling shows at the back of Spanish class, so I think in my heart this is something I’ve always wanted. But, it seemed like it was the right time to do something like this. It was a big decision for all of us involved.

Q. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced thus far?

– It’s all a challenge man. Laying the foundation of a company is really difficult, but it’s also the most fun part. I think my mind isn’t my own at the moment, it’s like I’m renting my brain out to Phoenix Wrestling and it never stops. I like it, but it is certainly challenging.

Q. Going from being a Wrestler to now pulling double duty with the addition of being a Wrestling Promoter as well, what are some of the differences and how do you feel you’ve adapted in that respect?

– It’s a strange thing to suddenly jump into this position, but I’m lucky that I’m not doing it alone. If I didn’t have Billy Bedlam as a business partner I think I’d have cracked. I think so far I adapted well to it, but it’s still early doors. I have dipped my toe in the water of some of this before, helping to book some of the kids shows in CCW and being heavily involved in the social media and marketing aspects of CCW. So it’s not completely new to me.

Q. Speaking of your in-ring ventures, will we be seeing the continuation of “Total Armstrongs” or is that now a thing of the past?

– Unfortunately there’s kind of an issue regarding ownership of Total Armstrongs at the moment. It’s not something I can go into, but we want to bring it to Phoenix and hopefully we’ll be able to in the future.

Q. With the impending debut show “F#*k Sake Not Another Wrestling Company” coming up on July 27th, something we’ve noticed is that this will be full to the brim with Irish talent. Was that intentional and if so what is the thought process behind that?

– Absolutely, it was super important to us that the first show be 100% Irish talent. Ireland is so alive with wrestling talent at the moment that we felt it was our duty to show the people of Cork just how good this country is.

Q. Why The Kino?

– The Kino was always a great spot when CCW ran there, but for whatever reason the Kino and CCW never worked together again. We felt that we wanted to bring wrestling back to City Centre and the Kino was the best place for that.

Q. What can we expect from Phoenix Wrestling in the near future?

– Top notch shows, great talent, great shows and superb nights out. We aim to rebuild the Cork Wrestling scene and indeed the Munster scene to get it to an insanely good level, like they’ve done in Dublin.


The Flash Season 4 Episode 22

The Flash Season 4 Episode 22

“Think Fast”

Dalen: Containing a lovely mixture of seriousness and comedy, the Penultimate Episode proved to be one of the season’s best. DeVoe’s actions easily blew me away in Daredevil-like fashion, murdering everyone in sight with all of his powers in A.R.G.U.S. after posing as Diggle. If anyone was still unsure about DeVoe, that right there should be convincing enough for you.

We once again witness a very constructive use of Flashtime: having Barry train Cisco and Caitlin so they can save those DeVoe let live as hostages. This would’ve been great even without the entire trio, but the addition of Cisco and Caitlin gave the mission some nice light-heartedness and led to Caitlin discovering a repressed childhood memory involving Killer Frost. I’m not sure what sense it makes revealing something like that so late in the season, however we’ll see. Anyway, as expected for this show, DeVoe successfully carried out his plan despite Team Flash destroying one of the satellites. It’s kind of become a tired formula to have DeVoe be 10 steps ahead of Team Flash regardless of him being The Thinker. As he grows more satisfyingly psychotic, adding in some real frustration towards our heroes would make viewers believe anything can happen. Sadly, DeVoe keeps all control and we know exactly what the result will be.

To balance out the mostly-serious Thinker stuff, the job of comic relief is once again given to Cecile, who once again thrives under these circumstances, taking on the personality and thoughts of anyone nearby. It’s disappointing that this telepathy is temporary due to maternal dark matter, so to speak. Whatever happens after the birth of her baby, Cecile would remain a relevant character as the comic relief going forward.

Mike: I really enjoyed the opening sequence of the Penultimate episode of the Season here with Devoe disguised as Diggle. How he gets in was great thinking (pun intended) and it was really cool to see him use a barrage of all the powers he’s accumulated over the course of the Season. Devoe is nearing his endgame and whilst he definitely isn’t the most interesting ‘Big Bad’ of the show overall, he’s been intriguing at certain parts of this Season.

The Enlightenment begins and Team Flash are hard pressed to stop Devoe, especially from the outset. Ultimately as true heroes do Team Flash save the day, if even only momentarily. Devoe being thwarted by the team only makes him more determined and the visual of him at the end appearing in S.T.A.R. Labs sets up the Finale in a big way!

Side-note: Barry continuously making Diggle throw up will always be my favourite part of their relationship with one another!


Dalen: 8.5/10

Mike: 8/10